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16/10/2017 -  photos of Ice's kittens at 12 weeks old *2 kittens availableclick here
16/10/2017 -  photos of Sommer's kittens at 9 weeks old *4 kittens availableclick here
07/10/2017 -  photos of Little Purr's kittens at 4 weeks old *3 kittens availableclick here

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Welcome to the spectacularly spotty world of Zayenah Ocicats.
Australia's most experienced Ocicat breeder for fully health tested Ocicats that optimise the true beauty and temperament of the Ocicat.
We have been continuously involved in the Ocicat breed since 2007. 
With award winning show cats, we endeavor to "perfect perfection" in the Ocicat to ensure our babies have exceptional temperaments, along with the look of a wild cat that will delight our kitten families with their personalities and loving natures. 
Kittens available to approved homes throughout Australia and world wide,
see our kittens page for more details

The health of our Ocicats is very important to us, Tritrichomonas Foetus is a parasite that causes diarrhea,
at Zayenah we have decided to set ourselves apart from other Ocicat breeders
 in Australia so we have tested our Ocicats to ensure they are all negative for this and other parasites.
Our cats are also PRA clear and Pk-Def negative.
Click here to visit our Ocicat health page for more information

 *kitten availability*  
Ice's kittens have arrived!
Two kittens available for adoption,
ready to go NOW
click here to visit their litter page
Zayenah Pocahontas - chocolate spotted female
*available for adoption*
Zayenah Red Cloud - chocolate spotted male
*available for adoption*
Red Cloud has developed slightly crossed eyes, a cosmetic fault that
does not affect his health at all.  Contact us for pricing and adoption
info on this gorgeous little boy. 

Sommer's babies have arrived!
4 handsome boys in chocolate, cinnamon
& chocolate silver
ready to go from November 3rd, 2017
click here to visit their litter page
Zayenah Logan & Zayenah Maddox
chocolate & cinnamon spotted males
*available for adoption*
Zayenah Brady & Zayenah Asher
chocolate spotted & chocolate spotted silver males
*available for adoption*

Little Purr's babies have arrived!
3 girls and 1 boy, all chocolate
ready to go from December 3rd, 2017
click here to visit their litter page
Zayenah Pixie Stix & Zayenah Lollipop
chocolate spotted females
*available for adoption*
Zayenah Tootsie Roll
chocolate spotted male
*available for adoption*

Ocicats (pronounced Oss-e-cat), or Oci's were named by the original breeders daughter after the Ocelots they resemble, Oci's are the wild looking cat with NO wild blood. Ocicats are actually 100% domestic - created by accident in the 1960's from an Abyssinian and Siamese mating, later the American Shorthair was brought in for the silver colouring. Ocicats walk like they are stalking in the jungle and have a gorgeous wild looking pattern.

Tonga, the first Ocicat, photographed in 1965

Ocicat kittens available throughout the year. Shipping is available to all states and overseas.We make all shipping arrangements for our kittens, all the new owners need to do it meet their delightful spotty Ocicat kitten at the airport.

We have Oci kittens living all around Australia, and overseas
- Brisbane, Gold Coast & other areas of Queensland
- Adelaide, South Australia
- Sydney, Newcastle New South Wales
- Perth, Western Australia
- Hobart, Tasmania
- Canberra, ACT
- Darwin, Northern Territory
- Melbourne, Victoria
- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
- Hong Kong
- New Zealand

Black spotted silver Ocicat kitten

Tawny spotted Ocicat female

The Ocicat coat pattern is unique, stunning thumb print shaped spots all over the body, forming a bullseye on the sides. As they have very short coats, they are easy care cats requiring little grooming.

Ocicats are large, well muscled cats. Females range in size from 3-5kg, males 6-8kg or larger. They are usually fully grown by 18-24 months.

Chocolate spotted Ocicat male
Chocolate spotted silver Ocicat female

Ocicats and Ocicat kittens are wonderful around children, we have some young nephews who play with our cats and kittens. The kids smoosh their faces into the Oci's, pick them up, wheel them in a stroller, the Ocicats take it all in stride and are extra gentle with our nephews.
Ocicats get along well with other cats, dogs and other animals. Just don't leave kitty waiting for the first treat as in the photo below, he is meowing about this "unfair" treatment.


Life with Ocicats....

Ocicats are clever, and often described as dog like.
They are easily
trained to wander on a harness

Always ready to help with book work
Or fill in crossword puzzles

Oci's often find a favourite toy they love to play fetch with.

Be careful leaving paper towel around

And sometimes the toy box will explode...

We love to cuddle with friends...
Demetri wonders if there's room for one more Ocicat

Ideal Companion: Ocicat
The Ideal Companion: A DVD Guide to Cat Breeds is an indispensable "visual guidebook," not just for prospective cat owners, but for cat lovers in general.

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