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Bronze Double Grand Champion Zayenah Heavenly Magic
Pet name: Hattie

Colour: Tawny spotted (OCI n 24)

Dam: Champion Ozspots Ashia of Zayenah (chocolate spotted)
Sire: Double Grand Champion Abyrose Kiwi Magic (Import NZ)(black spotted silver)
Date of birth: August 3 2010
Pedigree: click here
Hattie has tested PRA N/N - Normal, cat does not have PRA mutation
Hattie has tested PK-Def N/N - no copies of PK deficiency, cat is normal
Hattie has tested negative for Tritrichomonas Foetus.  

Heavenly Magic, or Hattie is a tawny Ocicat. She has inherited her mothers smoochy personality and naughtiness, she is always up to mischeif usually with her mum Ashia at her side. Hattie is a well sized girl, nice and muscular even at a young age, we feel she is a very nice kitten overall. She has lovely little ear tufts too. Hattie is on the show circuit and thoroughly enjoying herself, a well behaved show girl who likes to show herself off and hear how pretty she is!

As of 2014's show season Hattie was a Bronze Double Grand Champion, the highest title on a cat of our own breeding, we are so proud of you Hattie.  Hattie will continue to be shown in 2015, for as long as she enjoys being there. Hattie became a Silver Champion in February 2015, well done Hattie!

Hattie's litters
Double Grand Champion Ozspots Ashia x Champion Ozspots Dargo 20/03/2013
Zayenah The Look - tawny spotted male 
Zayenah Almost Unreal - tawny spotted male 
Zayenah Dressed For Success - chocolate spotted silver male 
Zayenah Real Sugar - tawny spotted male 
Zayenah One Wish - chocolate spotted male 
Zayenah Joy Ride - tawny spotted female
Zayenah Perfect Day - chocolate spotted silver female 

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 photo P3221315_zps61ac14c2.jpg

Double grand champion Zayenah Heavenly Magic x Champion Ozspots Dargo 11/10/2012
Zayenah Magic Storm - chocolate spotted silver female
Zayenah Mystic Lightning - black spotted silver female