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Ozspots Malika of Zayenah (Retired)
Pet name: Malika
Colour: Black spotted silver (OCI ns 24)
Dam: Ozspots Oci Iris Ella (chocolate spotted silver)
Sire: Double Grand Champion Abyrose Kiwi Magic (Import NZ)(black spotted silver)
Birth date: February 5, 2009
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Malika has tested PRA N/N - Normal, cat does not have PRA mutation
Malika has tested PK-Def N/N - no copies of PK deficiency, cat is normal

Malika is a black spotted silver Ocicat and may carry Ivory. Malika is our first breeding queen, she is a gorgeous girl with excellent contrast, no tarnishing and stunning golden eyes. Her coat is so silky, she almost slips through your hands. Malika had a successful show career as a kitten but quickly decided as an adult that it's not for her, she would rather stay home and raise babies than be a show girl. Malika placed in the top 10 of the ACF 2009 National show in Adelaide, National shows are held once a year and over 400 cats are exhibited.
Malika was retired from our breeding program in April 2012.

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