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Double Grand Champion Zayenah Chocolate Ice
Pet name: Ice
Colour: Chocolate spotted Silver (OCI bs 24)

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Dam: Grand Champion Ozspots Ashia of Zayenah (chocolate spotted)
Sire: Grand Champion Ozspots Dargo (chocolate spotted silver)
Birthdate: March 8, 2013
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Ice is inherited PRA normal and PK-Def clear, bred from clear tested parents. 
Ice has tested negative for Tritrichomonas Foetus.  

Ice is a stunning chocolate spotted silver girl, she has a lovely clear silver coat with great contrast. Ice is very much like her sister Chip, very outgoing, friendly and smoochy.
Ice has enjoyed being shown in kitten class during 2013 with several Best Ocicat kitten awards and group placings. She gained her Grand Champion Champion title in 2014.
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